Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is MetChips?

    An easy to use platform that simplifies the process of getting or giving quotes quickly and safely.

  • What does "RFQ" stand for?

    Request For Quotation / Request For Quote

  • What is the cost?

    MetChips is free to use.

  • How do I create an RFQ?

    On the 'home' screen in the title bar at the top look for 'Request Quotes',
    or lower down the page, in the middle, a red button 'Request Quotes'

  • Why do you want my email address?

    We use your email address to notify you when there is any activity on your RFQ or when you quote on a job etc.

  • What is the difference between a Client and a Service Provider?

    A Client is anyone in need of service that can be quoted.
    A Service Provider is someone that provides you with a service Eg. A plumber or a locksmith.
    Service Providers can be Clients as well.

  • Can I be a Service Provider and a Client?

    Yes, log in and update Profile, to select both 'I am a Client', and 'I am a Service Provider'.
    For example you can outsource parts of your business/solution using MetChips.

  • What are ratings for?

    By using ratings we can build up profiles, to better inform decisions on quotes.


  • If I get quotes, do I have to accept them?

    No, you can look at the quotes and decide for yourself, if it is not urgent there is no need to do follow up

  • What are ratings for?

    Traditionally you have no way of telling if the company or client is good or bad. With MetChips a Service Provider will be rated by clients to ensure their past performance is on record. This should enable you to choose the best rated party in your area.

  • How can I trust a Service Provider?

    You can look at their rating and if its above 3 stars they are good

  • Why should I rate a Service Provider?

    To assist building a profile. This will help ensure other prospective clients won't get bad service, or be scammed. This should keep Service Providers focused on providing the best service.

  • The Service Provider did not fulfil!

    Give the SP a low rating or report the service to

  • Where will you use my information Eg. address, number?

    This information is stored on a secure encrypted database. We only use your information to service you. Your cellphone number will be used when the quote is accepted, enabling you and the service provider to make contact, and plan arrangements.

Service Provider

  • If I provide a quote do I have to fulfil?

    There is no obligation to fulfil but in to enhance your reputation it may be to your benefit to fulfil, to enhance your customer ratings.

  • Why should I use MetChips for my business?

    MetChips is designed to get the best quote from the best service provider using the ratings.
    MetChips will bring the clients to YOU, through creating a competitive platform where a client can rapidly get multiple quotes on a single RFQ. This will enable market forces to flourish and provide an optimal price for every type of job.
    To further help protect the Business a Client can also be rated, this will help weed out all non-paying or otherwise challenging clients!

  • How do I register for more service cateories?

    On the top red bar Click "My Profile">"Update Profile"
    you will see your profile in edit mode.
    Scroll down to "Categories" and select your trade(s).

  • I am getting too much email and RFQ's for work/solutions that I do not specialise in

    On the top red bar Click "My Profile">"Update Profile" you will see your profile in edit mode.
    Select Products/Services and edit your selection - adding or removing.

  • Why should I rate a client?

    To assist building a profile.
    This will help ensure other prospective Service Providers won't receive bad treatment, misleading information, payment defaults etc.
    This should enable Service Providers to maintain the best service.


  • How do I [Client] create a Request For a Quote?

    Logged in you go to "Dashboard"
    Select the tab "As Client"
    Click on on "New" and complete the relevant details.

  • How do I [Service Provider] give a quote?

    Logged in you go to "Dashboard"
    Select the tab "As Service Provider"
    Click on "Matched Requests"
    Select the RFQ
    Click on the red "Quote now" button and complete the relevant details